Practicing Genealogy

My initial intention (back in 2016) was to run my blog Praktykowanie Genealogii in Polish only. However, some of the topics presented on this site may be interesting for both amateur and professional genealogists who don’t read Polish but work on putting together genealogies of the ancestors who have roots in Poland – regardless of whether within the current or historic borders.
This is why I have decided to have one page on this site which will be run in English. The articles posted there are a combination of translations and compilations of information from the articles and blog posts which were and will be posted on the site in Polish. I called it ”Practicing Genealogy” which is a word for word translation of the name of the site in Polish. Also, this name refers to the title of my first genealogy book published in 2015 (link to my publications page). I launched this site on 16 August 2016.


In my blog posts and articles I sometimes provide links to records. They are mainly in Polish and Russian but also in Latin and possibly occasionally in German. Not all readers whether from Poland or abroad can read in all these languages or can read handwritten Cyrillic or any text in handwriting. We live so much in the printed world that reading handwritten and 100-300 years old text may require some practice and maybe skill. For the benefit of the reader I will sometimes translate parts of or full text of these linked records.

I will be grateful for comments whether you find these articles useful and also for ideas for topics that you would be interested to be covered here. They may be an inspiration for further articles on this site. My email address is given at the very bottom of the page linked here.

I am not planning to write blog posts in English on regular basis. I will probably write them when new content will be added to „Practicing Genealogy” page.

I hope you will find this page useful.

Grażyna Rychlik

Link to Practicing Genealogy page




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